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Kings vs. Blues – Opinions

by admin on Friday, May 4th, 2012

Today I am going to briefly discuss the round 2 matchup of the LA Kings and the St. Louis Blues.

The Kings have taken a 3-0 series lead here and look like they are probably not going to lose a game against the Blues. Jonathan Quick is quickly proving that he is indeed one of the NHL’s elite goaltenders. I am quite surprised that he was not a Hart trophy finalist. Prior to the trade deadline, Dustin Brown was rumoured to be leaving LA. Imagine how different a playoffs this might have been. Now, with the way Brown is playing, I can’t see any chance that the King’s captain will be going anywhere in the off-season. Brown has been a pure physical force offensively, pounding the Blues every chance he gets. More importantly though, Brown has been scoring and providing offense for the once anemic Kings. Finally, Wilie Mitchell has shown that not only could he still play after his concussion a few years ago, but he can be one of the best shut-down defencemen in the league. On top of that, he has been chipping in offensively.
The Blues seem to be overwhelmed by the talent on the LA Kings, and maybe overwhelmed by just being in the second round. With a team that relies on young defenceman Alex Pietrangelo as their primary defender and Shattenkirk as the next in line, the Blues may have bitten off a little more than they can chew in the second round. Brian Elliott has come back down to earth and is playing like an average goaltender. Remember, Elliott was a prospect in Ottawa that was traded to Colorado. He never really had any sustained success in either market. So, has Elliott really become a superstar goalie or a good goalie in a system that makes him look better?
I am stating the obvious here by saying the Kings will move onto round 3. I don’t think the Blues will win a single game in this series which will allow the Kings to rest before the next round. Imagine if Jeff Carter can actually heal up and become an active participant in the next round. Can anyone stop the LA Kings? Much like the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010, I predict that the LA Kings who had beaten the Canucks in Round 1, will go on to win the Stanley cup this year!

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