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Kings – Devils Game 1 Finals

by admin on Thursday, May 31st, 2012

How about that game last night? The Kings came out in the first period and looked like a team that hadn’t played in a week. The NJ Devils were able to contain them in their own end for much of the play. Although the Kings scored first last night, I really felt that if the Devils were to have a chance in this series at all, they had to win game one.

Now, I am pretty confident that the LA Kings will easily win this series, just as I had predicted last week. If the Devils could have taken advantage of an over rested Kings team and won game one, there was a small chance that the Kings might have a little uncertainty with their road game and for the first time in these playoffs, would have to play from behind. It didn’t happen.

Now, by losing home ice advantage, the NJ Devils will have to come out pushing for a victory in game 2. This plays well in the Kings favour. The Kings have presented themselves as a very good counter attack team (as evident by their shorthanded goals scored) and will certainly take advantage of a team that has to win game 2 at home. As with the previous 3 rounds, LA has no pressure now in New Jersey. They have taken home ice advantage away and can once again play their tight defense, in your face game that has brought them to the cup finals.

It is easier to play a game with the lead, and the LA Kings now lead the series 1 game to none.

Game 2 is on Saturday night. Stay tuned for the Kopitar and Brown show!

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