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The Instigator

by admin on Friday, March 22nd, 2013

I’m going to be a little honest I’m a bit torn between three subjects for this blog.  Finding a solution for the concussions, notice I said finds a solution.  Something these reporters refuse to do, they’ll say Won’t someone fix the problem… Well to Michael Farber the problem I want fixed is you on my TV crying.  Don’t talk about something unless you can offer any kind of solution, even if its stupid offer something anything.

So with saying this first blog solution:  Goalie leaves crease to play the puck as a puck mover he can be hit.  Take out the instigator so if you do decide to hit a goalie then you should also expect to get a fist in the face.

Solutions to the second blog, suspend the act not the result.  Kaleta should get more then five games because his hit on Richards was dirty, the injury is a moot point.  Kaleta is a dirty player and you don’t give him less because the guy didn’t have a injury you send a message right now the act is disgusting and now you pay.  Solution to the second issue I raised,  stop the propaganda when it happens to a player on a Canadian team.  Equal time for all dirty hits and dirty plays not go crazy because a player happens to play in a Canadian city.

I hate debating with people who don’t have actual solutions for the problems they’re raising.  They aren’t debating if they do that, they are just causing trouble and should be told “Hey why don’t you shut up.”

Alright so what should I write about oh I know the fact the NHL still has an instigator penalty.

If the NHL had the instigator penalty during the 80s, Mark Messier would be the highest scoring player of all time.  Yeah I bet I just pissed off a few people, lost some respect what little respect I may have had.

So let me make my case, in todays game we see superstars getting run.  In the latest Bruins/Habs game Emelin was able to cross check Tyler Seguin in the ribs resulting in a broken stick and a very angry Zdeno Chara.  Anger doubled by the fact the refs who were standing in front of the cross check chose to ignore it.  Earlier in the same day of play in a completely different game, Matt Martin took a big run at a Senator and it was border line clean and I thought it was kind of dirty as did Chris Neil who went over and said “Hey you can’t do that lets fight”  Martin said no and took another run at another senator.  It was then you heard Denis Potvin the third greatest defenseman of all time behind only Orr and Lidstrom.

After the Martin hit and refusal to fight you got to hear the real Denis Potvin not the Ottawa biased Potvin that calls Sens games.  He was disgusted by the Martin hit and said in his day if a player did that Chris Neil would not have worried about getting an instigator, he would have gone in and done what needed to be done.  Beat the living hell out of a guy who took liberties with a teammate.  The Play by play guy who I’m sorry I choose not to remember his name because he’s terrible.  He said he knows little of the code but if you want to go after one of the star players and don’t want to fight then we go after your stars.  He then asked Potvin what would have happened if an opponent took a run at Bossy and Potvin simply said “They wouldn’t”

It was so matter of fact that a true hockey fan could tell it to be true.  A true hockey fan, one who dosen’t ask “Why don’t they call more penalties in the later rounds of the playoffs?” a true hockey fan looks at them “Because the Denis Larou and Nick Magoo’s are gone and the refs left know who dives.”

In the 80s superstars weren’t protected after a game when they were already hurt.  They were protected during the game by their teammates.  If it were like that today I personally believe we’d see less injuries to star players.

The greatest forward of all time Wayne Gretzky was afforded more luxury because if  you even thought of hitting him you would be in trouble.  Dave Semenko would not let anyone hit the superstars especially Gretzky.  If you hit Gretz, then you fought plain and simple.  If Gretz played today he would get hit and hit often because there would be no fear of a guy saying “Well now you get me”

I have no doubt some Patrick Kaleta type player would run Gretzky if he played today and in all honesty can you read that and say I’m wrong.  Can you Bruce Arthur followers who run away when the game gets physical crying say that the game is better today for what happens on the ice then it was in the 80s when there was no instigator rule.  When Steve Yzerman could make great moves and not worry about someone clipping  him.  If you clipped or went after Yzerman’s head or hit the guy from behind you knew what was happening next.  Bob Probert beating your head in was about to happen.

My brother told me that in Marios first few years one of the main problems there was he didn’t have a Semenko or a Probert.  He had to fight for himself and  he suffered for it, it wasn’t until the KevIn Stevens started showing up when Mario started putting up the Mario numbers.

It was how the game was played during its most offensively gaudy times.  When a player getting a 100 points meant he was in the top 10 of scoring not winning the scoring title by 20 points.  Hit Ricky Middleton; fight Terry O’Reilly or Mike Milbury.  Hit Mike Bossy; Fight the Entire Islander team but in all seriousness probably Clark Gilles was about to fight  you.  Heck its the way the game should be played, when Doug Gilmour got hit did they surround him and wish for vengeance no the Leafs did not do you know what happened… This happened (click here) Watch Wendel as he looks and sees “That’s Dougie laid out, who did it…”  he didn’t say uhmn Marty do you want to go, he told Marty we’re going by punching him in the face

I was told a story recently about the aforementioned Dave Semenko.  One game in Edmonton a player hit  Wayne Gretzky, the next shift Semenko came on and the player was frightened as Semenko lined up next to him, he thought he was to be killed.  Semenko stares at the player and simply says “We don’t do that here”  It is called sending a message people.

It is allowing the skill to come through by not letting them live in fear of getting a cross check in the ribs or sent face first into the boards.  Even back In that day the Montreal Canadiens had Chris Nilan and Chris Chellios.  Do you think people were running the skilled players in Montreal oh Christ no they were not.

So don’t listen to the Bruce Arthurs who say “It’s the wrong message”  A message is only the wrong message if nothing happens and guess what with the instigator rule in play nothing truly happens.  PK Subban will still run around slew footing, going for open ice hits that are borderline, he will still dive because you can’t stop it cause he won’t fight.  He has the choice, want  him to clean up his act take the choice from him.  Even Max Lapierre has woken up to this, he knows he has to fight at times.

Bruce Arthur chastised Zdeno Chara on Twitter for his ‘carless actions’ I compliment Chara and I compliment Emelin who could have stayed down but got up and took his medicine.

So yes let’s get the rats out, let’s get the element of the game we all hate out.  Let’s get the Instigator penalty eliminated so players can police themselves on the ice.  I want to see the return of the glorious 80s when skill was used and there was no idiotic instigator penalty.

If you want to use the same sociological bullshit they probably contrived back then ask yourself how often did the superstars get hurt before 1993.  How often do they get hurt now, yeah I know there’s more teams but we need to protect the assets.  To do that we need policemen on the ice ready to do what needs to be done.  Don’t listen to refs, don’t listen to non-hockey fans like Bruce Arthur, Damien Cox, Michael Farber and Steve Simmons.

Listen to Denis Potvin

Listen to Wayne Gretzky who thanked the people who protected  him.

Listen to Bobby Clarke who says if you knew your winger has your back then there is less fear

Listen to the people who played the game not those who play tennis or think its Canadian to be punched in the face and not punch back.

So either take it out or alter it so players can do something on the ice but not clear benches.  End of the day though the next time a hab fan says Subban shouldn’t have to fight if he dosen’t want.  Tell them “Sometimes you have to fight to be a man”

Awesome I worked in a Kenny Rogers lyric

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