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Heat vs. Marlies

by admin on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Tonight Round 2 of the AHL Calder Cup playoffs get under way for the Abbotsford Heat and the Toronto Marlies.

The Marlies advanced to round 2 by defeating the Rochester Americans in a 3 game sweep, and the Abbotsford Heat swept the Milwaukee Admirals in 3. The Heat were lead by Krys Kolanos who scored 4 goals and added 4 assists for 8 points!

Games 1 & 2 are in Toronto, 3,4 and 5 will be in Abbotsford, and 6,7 will be back in Toronto (if necessary).

As a Heat fan from day 1, I am quite happy on how the team has been playing of late. I am very impressed by the coach’s decision to start keeper Danny Taylor over Leland Irving. Although Irving has proven himself as a legitimate starting goalie, Taylor had been hot to end the regular season and has show that he can stand up to playoff pressure.

If the Heat can continue to play as they have, I can see this series ending in 5 games with the Abbotsford Heat coming out on top.

As a note, the Abbotsford Heat finished second last in the entire AHL for season attendance. For a Canadian city that professes its love of hockey, this is pathetic! I can understand that we are all Vancouver Canucks fans, but the Abbotsford Heat is a local, professional hockey team. The Hockey is exciting and the fans that do show up enjoy the game. I don’t understand the idea that just because the Calgary Flames are the parent team that the locals cannot cheer for them. Some of these players may never play for the Flames. Some may be traded to other AHL / NHL teams and some may stay local, playing out their career in Abbotsford. Either way, the city of Abbotsford should support their local Professional Hockey Team!

Further to this, the Chicago Wolves (Vancouver Canucks farm team) had the second BEST attendance in the entire AHL. How can that be? The Chicago fans clearly despise the Vancouver Canucks, yet they support their local AHL farm team completely. The reason, as I see it, is that the fans in Chicago are Hockey Fans while the fans in Abbotsford – and dare I say BC – are simply Canucks fans.

Stay tuned as I will try my best to keep you up to date with the Abbotsford Heat.

Update. The Heat win game 1 by a score of 3-1

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One Response to “Heat vs. Marlies”

  1. Nirazzan says:

    I think a stadium in Surrey would hold its own btteer then Abbotsford for many reason if there smart with there location. First Abbotsford well it is one of are big cities in bc. It doesnt have nearly enough support from that city alone to support it. People from metro van unless in Surrey or langley aren’t gonna want to drive out there for a game and i say drive since there is no real transit connections. Plus Lots of people i know like to go to nhl and whl games and drink which they can’t really do there since they have to drive back home. To top it off most people dont care to go out and see the Flames farm team. If they could some how switch with the moose I’m sure they’d do a little btteer.Things going for Surrey with an arena in central is it has good transit connections. Plenty of areas around with lots of population. Plus they might even be able to work with SFU to use it for there own purpose too.Another sad thing to think of is that the current arena the Surrey eagles play in is technically not big enough there league actually normally wants arenas to have a seating of 1500. Which is why you never see them playing games any where else in Surrey. I found that out when i asked why they havent ever tryed playing a game in north surrey.

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